Common Problems

The issues facing health care are systemic. More specifically there is uncertainty on who should accept responsibility and how the issues will be solved. GHS stands to accept responsibility and provide results based care and assistance to it's patients and partners.
» Too much money wasted on       unnecessary care

» Too many injuries associated with care

» Loose regulations associated with       malpractice

» Understaffed facilities
» Under trained staff

» Underserved communities

» Prevalence of fraud

» Poor communications between health    care professionals and agencies
An Efficient Approach to Healthcare

GHS is a healthcare service provider intent on being the change needed in the healthcare services industry. GHS aims to provide services efficiently without compromising care, compassion, and sense of urgency. GHS' key to becoming an industry leader is faith in the services we provide. Perfected through perpetual training of staff, and transparency with patients and partners a like.


Medicine administration   /   Transportation   /    Residential Habilitation   /   Record Keeping
Family Training   /   Employee training
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